art director

from nature to the table ...

my name is Jakov

This story began in the heart of the Mediterranean, on Dugi Otok in the nature park Telašćica… in a hidden, quiet bay called Magrovica. My parents, Franciska and Goran, 35 years ago on the coast… in the middle of untouched Mediterranean nature… surrounded by olive trees and the aroma of fresh herbs and plants… stone walls and fishing nets, opened a small family restaurant. 

With a lot effort, determination

and love they created their little world, which we share withfriends and guests. Today, that little world is our life.   

It was not easy to run a restauarnt without electricity and water.  As it was then, it is today.  Solar energy and rainwater are our reality. The restaruant is surrounded with olive trees from which we make our olive oil, the most important link of our kitchen. 

On our table you will find homemade wine, local fish and vegetables

that come from a near by farm that we plant and field ourselves.  Without these elements, it would be impossible to experience the tastes and aromas of Taverna Goro.   

To skilled boaters, adventurers and all those who desire a new experience, our restaurant is mapped as a must see destination.   

Jakov Rogulj  

P.S.  Hope to see you soon!

Telašćica is one of the safest bays on the Adriatic Coast. It is 5 nautical miles long and a safe heaven for many boaters. You can enter Telašćica through Vela and Mala Provesa or through the northwest side of Kornati. Taverna Go-Ro is at the very end of Telašćica. www.pp-telascica.hr
When traveling by car from the mainland there is a ferry departing Gaženica harbor in Zadar. This ferry will bring you to Brbinj which is on Dugi Otok. From Brbinj, you travel south on the main road toward Sali, the biggest village on the island. Just before Sali, on the right side, there is an entrance into Telašćica, where Taverna Go-Ro is located. www.jadrolinija.hr
With a parachute you can come anytime of day. You can land in the sea, between the olive trees or on the very terrace of Taverna Go-Ro.
If you would like to come with a submarine then of course you must check the depth of the Telašćica bays with your maritime map.